St. John watersports

St. John Scuba Diving & Water Sports

In St. John, scuba diving and other water sports seem like a natural fit alongside the island's ecological heritage. Taking advantage of the mostly adventurous crowd that assembles on St. John, St. John scuba diving operators have set up shop at convenient locations across the island to arrange dive outings and outfit visitors for a variety of water sports. As a result, opportunities for snorkeling and scuba in St. John are widely available, so don't miss out on the many fabulous sites to visit underwater.

In and around Cruz Bay is generally the easiest area to sign up for scuba in St. John, with several water sports outfitters to choose from. St. John scuba diving and snorkeling also happens to be the best along the island's west coast north of Cruz Bay in the waters between it and the island of St. Thomas, though there is good snorkeling to be found off of just about any beach. Cruz Bay Watersports and Low Key Watersports both offer St. John scuba diving excursions to such popular spots as Thatch Cay, Stephens Cay, and the sunken wreck of the General Rogers. Renting boat tours such as these will get the most out of your St. John scuba diving experience, as local guides know of the best locations to scuba in St. John, where colorful fish are plentiful and the water is clear.

Besides snorkeling and scuba in St. John, windsurfing has also become a popular water sport to try. Cinnamon Bay Campground in Cinnamon Bay provides lessons and rentals for less than US$100.

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