St. John Map

St. John USVI Map

The island of St. John, at only 20 square miles (53 square km), is the smallest of the three US Virgin Islands, lying 3 miles (5 km) east of St. Thomas and approximately 40 miles north of St. Croix. As seen on this St. John map, the island is bean-like in shape with a large peninsula jutting out from the body's northeast portion. Its coastline is carved by bays, sandy white beaches and, ringing this map of St. John, a number of small uninhabited islands. Any map of St. John will show that the island is nearly two-thirds national park, a sprawling collection of forests and nature trails left undeveloped to enjoy by visitors and locals alike. Most of St. John's 5,000 residents live in the southwest corner and central east coast of the island where the land has been allowed to develop. Hills dot the interior of the St. John map, varying the landscape within this relatively small amount of territory. Though St. John is fairly easy to navigate, you would probably find a map of St. John like this useful if you'd like to do some touring of the island's many great sites.

St. John Map (click map to enlarge)

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