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Activities in St. John's, Virgin Islands

There are plenty of activities to occupy your time in St. John's, Virgin Islands, which are very diverse considering the island's size. Most people know of St. John's, Virgin Islands, for its natural beauty, but there is more to this tiny land mass than just forests. Here is just a small sampling of what St. John's, Virgin Islands, has to offer:

Experienced travelers will tell you that all of St. John's Virgin Islands many beaches are worthy of a trip. Some are located within steps of the island's national park, while on the busy west coast they are generally more crowded. Though all of St. John's Virgin Islands beaches are open to the public the land to access them is sometimes private, a loophole that restricts beachgoers from certain areas. Not to worry, however, there are enough pristine sandy strips around that you might be able to find one all to yourself. Visit Cinnamon Bay, Trunk Bay, and Lameshur Bay for the best of St. John's Virgin Islands beaches.

St. John's Virgin Islands is also home to a number of festivals, so check ahead if you'd like your vacation there to include a little partying, Caribbean-style. There is a local version of the Carnival celebration, held on St. John's Virgin Islands every year in conjunction with Independence Day festivities in July. A unique sailing event is also held every Thanksgiving on St. John's Virgin Islands - the Coral Bay Thanksgiving Regatta sees a diverse bunch of seamen gather for a one-day boating extravaganza.

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